A Job Well Done

A Job Well  Done   We have all heard the phrase “give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done,” but by the end of this season both I and my husband, who is my business partner, needed more than a pat: we needed several chiropractic and acupuncture treatments and, ultimately, rest for back injuries that resulted… Read more →


Thanksgiving: A Time to Count Our Blessings Now that our mushroom and culinary herb season has ended we have an opportunity to reflect on our bounty and challenges from the season just ending and the expectations for the spring of 2017. Our season was bountiful; we harvested by the end of the season an average of 36 pounds of log-grown… Read more →

Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future It’s almost the sixth week of harvesting log-grown shiitake and culinary herbs and I confess, that I am a bit weary, not so much from the physical work that goes into the growing, maintaining and harvesting but rather the business aspect. Considering that we would be producing more mushrooms this year than last year, we started… Read more →

The Student Becomes the Teacher

The Student Becomes the Teacher Anyone that is a teacher by profession knows how much pride teachers take in witnessing some of our students go on after high school and become teachers; it is a feeling that is hard to describe other than to have a large smile on your face when watching them perform in a classroom setting. At… Read more →